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A Mining Engineers Notebook:


Being an engineer in the mining industry means solving problems.  These problems must be solved quickly and competently.  All engineers leave college with a good grounding in the theory of their business.   Knowing the theory is very important to an engineer.  But, in day to day operations engineers are interested in how to apply the theory.   For this the engineer will turn to their own notes, gathered from solving similar problems in the past.

Over the last 40+ years I have been assembling this notebook, it is the “rules of thumb” and standard procedures a mining engineer needs and can use on a daily basis. It is a review of the why and what of mining an mineral processing.  I will try to stay away from the theory or detailed formula (which can be found else where), but rather stick to tables and charts to select from readily available equipment that others have designed.

When I started out in this field, the information in this notebook was easy to come by.   Equipment manufacturers readily supplied it; their salesmen were often engineers themselves and knew how important the availability of this information was.  Old engineers used their notebooks to train the new engineers.   But over time this has changed.   Equipment manufacturers have changed hands or gone out of business.   Today most salesmen do not have a technical background, and barely understand what they are selling.   The older engineers are no longer there.

Thus I am presenting my notebook for all to use.

The bulk of my early career was in coal, so much of the information relates to coal, but can be used in other applications. 

Mineral Processing

   An Introduction to Mineral Processing (General Overview)

   An Introduction to Gravity Concentration

   An Introduction to Flowing Film Concentration    

   An Introduction to Gravity Separating Equipment  

   An Introduction to a Dense Media Cyclone Circuit

    An Introduction to Dense Media Vessels

    An Introduction to Jigs

    An Introduction to the Principals of Jigging

    An Introduction to Tables

    An Introduction to Water-only Cyclones

    An Introduction to Centrifugal Concentrators  

    An Introduction to Froth Flotation 

     An Introduction to Cyanidation

    An Introduction to Dry Mineral Processing

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MIke Albrecht, P.E.

o   40+ years’ experience in the mining industry with strong mineral processing experience in Precious metals, copper, industrial minerals, coal, and phosphate

o   Operational experience in precious metals, coal, and phosphate plus in petrochemicals.

o   Extensive experience studies and feasibility in the US and international (United States, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Chile, China, India, Indonesia, and Greece).