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Technical Articles

  • “Teaching New Employees About Processing Equipment: What Is That And How Does It Work?”, 143rd SME Annual Meeting and Exhibit, February 2014, Salt Lake City, Utah

  • “Equipment Sizing Of A Material Handling System Using Discrete Event Simulation,” APCOM 2005, March 2005, Tucson Arizona

  • "Selecting Heavy-Media Cyclones", COAL, August 1992, pp. 33-35.

  • "Sizing and Selecting Jigs", COAL, December 1991, pp. 53-55.

  • "Vessel Selection Can Improve Recovery", COAL, September 1991, pp. 51-53.

  • “Effective Heavy Media Process Control", COAL, May 1991, pp. 70-71.

  • “Optimizing Process Control: Getting the most out of process control systems doesn't mean spending a lot of money", COAL, October 1990, pp. 54-55

  • “Process Simulation: A key to unlocking the problems of process control", COAL, July 1990, pp. 56-60,

  • “Operational Control by Process Simulation", COALPREP '90, Cincinnati, OH, May 1990.

  • "Demystifying Mining Computers", CALIFORNIA MINING JOURNAL, April 1990, pp. 73-75.

  • "Fine Coal Cleaning - A Practical Analysis, “ CIM District Meeting, Fort McMurry, Alberta, September 1987.

  • “Advanced Coal Cleaning Meets Acid Rain Emission Limits, “ Power Engineering, pp. 30-33, March 1987.

  • “Control Systems for Canadian Coal Preparation Plants, “ presented at the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers Annual Meeting, Atlanta, March 1983.

  • “Introduction to Coal Preparation, “ presented at the Fourth Annual Symposium on Industrial Coal Utilization, DOE, Cincinnati, April 1982.

  • “Coal Beneficiation for Utilization, “ presented at the Coal Technology '81, Houston, November 1981.

  • “Mining Methods Impact on Coal Preparation Plant Design, “ presented at the First International Mine Planning and Development Symposium, Beijing and Beidaihe, China, September 1980.

  • “Coal Preparation Processes, “ Unit and Bulk Materials Handling, pp. 279 - 288, American Society of Mechanical Engineers Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, August 1980.


  • Introduction to Discrete Event Simulation, CSU Research Advisor: Dr. W. S. Duff

  • Computerizing Your Business, Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0-13-603374-1

  • Why Not Coal!: Analysis of why coal cannot meet the energy crisis Thesis CSU  Advisor: Dr. A. J. Schuh

Internet Published

  • "Special Topics on Mineral Processing",

  • "A Mining Engineers Notebook",

  • "Decision Support in Specialty Chemical Operations: a hybrid simulation based multi-criteria multiobjective optimization system" -  Research Proposal Advisor: Dr. W. S. Duff

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MIke Albrecht, P.E.

o   40+ years’ experience in the mining industry with strong mineral processing experience in Precious metals, copper, industrial minerals, coal, and phosphate

o   Operational experience in precious metals, coal, and phosphate plus in petrochemicals.

o   Extensive experience studies and feasibility in the US and international (United States, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Chile, China, India, Indonesia, and Greece).

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