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Topics on Mining & Mineral Processing

This is a series of posts on topics of general interest in mining & mineral processing.

Big Data Collection and Use

 Big data is here, and knowing about it is important, in particular that data is only as good as how it is collected,  how it is analyzed, and how accurate and precise (two different things) it is.

Moon Mining

Mining on the moon is coming, but there are a few details that still need to be worked out.

Rare Earth Elements vs. Rare Metals: an overview

Rare earths are a hot topic, but rare earths and rare metals are different.

All Rare Earth Elements are not equal

Talk is about rare earths and how important they are, but there are actually several rare earth elements.

Rare Earth Element Mining and Processing

How do you mine and process rare earths.

Why Mining Projects Go Bad

Mining projects have some special reasons to not go as well as planned.

MIke Albrecht, P.E.

o   40+ years’ experience in the mining industry with strong mineral processing experience in Precious metals, copper, industrial minerals, coal, and phosphate

o   Operational experience in precious metals, coal, and phosphate plus in petrochemicals.

o   Extensive experience studies and feasibility in the US and international (United States, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Chile, China, India, Indonesia, and Greece).