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Topics on Mining & Mineral Processing

This is a series of posts on topics of general interest in mining & mineral processing.

Some General Thoughts on Mining:  Some general thought directed to the first time investor on mining company size, mining economics, and land ownership.

An Introduction to Mineral Processing:  An explanation/overview of the basiic tenets and principals used for mineral processssing.  The more detailed discussion of the actual processes is under the Notebook section.

Project Management:  Projects from a few thousand dollars to over a billion all need to be managed.  Knowing what to do and what not to do is key to success. These are some of my experiences (often learned the hard way) on project managment.

In here I discuss -

Developing a Mining Project:  When outside experts can help.

Scope and the Project: Project managers are always fighting scope creep due to cost, but there are some other issues to consider.  Scope creeps impact on safety and how cutting scope can actually raise costs.

Tools of Project Managment: In managing a project you need to have a good handle on how well the project will perform, how well it is perfomring, and how well it did.  VIR is a good tool to evaluate project alternatives.  Dynamic budgeting is a good tool for seeing how well you are doing.  Comparing your budget to actualls allows you to see how well you did.

Thoughts on Managing a Project: From 40 years of project work in mining, petro-chemicals, and industrial operations some thoughts on managing projects from both sides of the table. Having been (and still am) a project manager for both the owner and for the engineer/contractor, I can state that the view is very different depending which side of the table you are on.

Why Mining Projects Go Bad: Mining projects have some special reasons to not go as well as planned.

Big Data Collection and Use : Big data is here, and knowing about it is important, in particular that data is only as good as how it is collected,  how it is analyzed, and how accurate and precise (two different things) it is.

Moon Mining: Mining on the moon is coming, but there are a few details that still need to be worked out.

Rare Earth Elements vs. Rare Metals: an overview - Rare earths are a hot topic, but rare earths and rare metals are different.

All Rare Earth Elements are not equal: Talk is about rare earths and how important they are, but there are actually several rare earth elements.

Rare Earth Element Mining and Processing: How do you mine and process rare earths.



MIke Albrecht, P.E.

o   40+ years’ experience in the mining industry with strong mineral processing experience in Precious metals, copper, industrial minerals, coal, and phosphate

o   Operational experience in precious metals, coal, and phosphate plus in petrochemicals.

o   Extensive experience studies and feasibility in the US and international (United States, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Chile, China, India, Indonesia, and Greece).